Wednesday, May 11, 2011

living broken

To live well in this life is to live broken. Brokenhearted, but wholly restored in Christ.  Another paradox of the “already not yet.”  Already made whole, but still waiting for the complete fulfillment of our restoration through Jesus. We are not called to ignore, invalidate or distance ourselves from the world’s pain; we are to enter into it. To feel the depths of the hurt and devastation that affects each person on this planet in a unique and personal way. That’s what Jesus did. He continually entered in, putting himself in situations where he not only would feel others hurt, but he would be hurt himself. He was abused, mocked, invalidated, judged, ridiculed and misunderstood. If I want to be like him I can’t forget that.  Forget that he chose those things.  And so I’m called to choose them too. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Snapshot of Home

This past week was my last spring break ever.  EVER. T-minus 27 days until graduation, but who's counting? 

Here's some photos I snapped on my droid over the week. 

I flew out of the lovely Long Beach Airport to San Francisco to stay with my parents for the week.  Doesn't it look like it belongs on a naval port or ship somewhere?  I love it, there's only maybe 6 gates and a few airlines that fly out of Long Beach.  Quick and easy.

Last Saturday I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my dear friends Kim and Cari.  I have the privilege of being Cari's maid of honor in her wedding, and Kim is a bridesmaid as well.  Cari pretty much let us choose the style, which was awesome, and Kim and I are rock stars and had a dress picked out that both of us love in less than a half hour. 

On Monday (sorry, no easter pictures, but you can check them out on Kim's blog), I went out with my mom.  We saw the movie Soul Surfer (I think I cried 5 times during it, don't judge me), then went to my favorite Sushi restaurant, Suisha, in downtown Redwood City.  I over-ordered, as usual.  It's a bummer leftover sushi is disgusting.

My parents have a cat named Lucy.  Ok, she's mine too.  But I like to pawn her off on my parents so I don't have to change the litter box when I'm home.  Lucy's REALLY old.  18 years old to be exact. And her kidneys are failing, so the vet told my parents to give her subcutaneous infusions of 100 mL of Lactated Ringers EVERY NIGHT.  It's probably the most ridiculous thing I've seen in my life.  Do you see this set up? Ridiculous.

I recently started an Etsy, Etsybybetsy. Kim is an amazing friend and ordered a world map from me, which I made while I was home.  Lucy came outside to check out what all that hammering was.  She was not helpful.

On Thursday, I got to spend the day with my dear friend's daughter Ashlyn.  She's a pretty beastly 4 year old. 

Her mom, Jess, has an amazing blog.  Check it out.  Our first activity - trike in the backyard.  Then the disney store, which was, heaven forbid, CLOSED.  Ashlyn tried to break in multiple ways, including taking my keys out of my purse and trying them in the lock.  Luckily, it opened at 10am, and we were set for the next hour of entertainment. We also went to the park and Trader Joes, where Ashlyn got a banana and rasberry sorbet.  The girl's crazy.  And I love her and her family.

Went to costco with my mom and saw this man in line. 

While waiting for the final episode of The Office (which I don't really follow anymore, but how can you miss the last episode with Michael Scott?), Kim took a little disco nap.  

During The Office, Jess started crying. And we made fun of her incessantly. Yes, I realize this is an awful picture. Maybe she won't hate me as much for posting it because it's so dark.  Love you Jess!

Well, that's pretty much it... I know, you're all so jealous of my crazy spring break.  I don't blame you, it was awesome!