Wednesday, May 11, 2011

living broken

To live well in this life is to live broken. Brokenhearted, but wholly restored in Christ.  Another paradox of the “already not yet.”  Already made whole, but still waiting for the complete fulfillment of our restoration through Jesus. We are not called to ignore, invalidate or distance ourselves from the world’s pain; we are to enter into it. To feel the depths of the hurt and devastation that affects each person on this planet in a unique and personal way. That’s what Jesus did. He continually entered in, putting himself in situations where he not only would feel others hurt, but he would be hurt himself. He was abused, mocked, invalidated, judged, ridiculed and misunderstood. If I want to be like him I can’t forget that.  Forget that he chose those things.  And so I’m called to choose them too. 

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  1. Love this. Love reading it this morning. Much needed. A reminder of what Jesus grace TRULY looks like. On a practical level.

    Thanks for keeping it real Bets, as usual.