Friday, November 2, 2012

Update & Graduation

Yesterday I was able to complete assessments of all 70 children from the children's home! This is a huge answer to prayer, as our time here is so limited. 

Some of the problems we've been able to help with by giving them some health and hygiene teaching, using the donated  medical supplies we brought, and today venturing into the Burmese pharmaceutical world to get some medications for some of the conditions that are fairly easily diagnosed. 

While there are several students and children with more serious problems, the most prevalent problems that I've seen are dental and vision conditions.  These are areas we would like to focus on for future trips and training here in Myanmar, and are beginning to have conversations about how best to help in these areas, in both short term and long term capacities.

Today we had rehearsal for the bible college graduation, which will be tomorrow morning.  "Reverend Nick" is going to be commissioning the 18 graduates. 

I think the awesomeness of these photos speak for themselves: 

The days are flying by!  3 more full days and then I'm off to Sri Lanka! 

Please pray for wisdom as we continue conversations here about what we can do now, and strategize for future trips and relief work here.

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  1. oh no you are NOT in the ceremony!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!