Sunday, October 2, 2011

Looking for a Cause

I started etsybybetsy this past spring.

The shop was a means of fundraising for my trip to Cambodia in July.
And it was fun!
It gave me an excuse to spend money and time creating things I love. 
I was able to raise over $700 in less than 3 months that helped send me to beautiful Cambodia:

Now that I'm back, I want to continue making and selling items from etsybybetsy... but I want the shop to continue how it started - supporting a cause. 

That's where you come in. 
I need a new cause. 
100% of the profits from my etsy will go to whatever cause I choose.
And I can't choose a cause unless I know about it, so help a sister out!

I’ll be rolling out some new lines in the coming months as well as adding to the nail art line that's currently listed on the shop.

If you have a cause or know of any missions organizations, orphanages, charity programs, or whatever,  that could use support, let me know!

Comment on this post, or email me at

I will be making my decision by October 8th, so please, comment away!
And remember to check back at for what's new!


  1. this is so awesome! praise jesus!

    may i suggest or

  2. Love this Betsy! Love reading your blog too!

  3. Love 146 is pretty cool! :)

    And maybe you already sponsor a child? (You still do right?) Or you could do an etsy sponsorship if you arent :)

    Also Mercy House Kenya is awesome.

    Just an idea!

  4. oh OR you could raise funds for a well with Gospel for Asia (like our Glocal thing) - $1000 builds a Jesus Well which gets Christians into communities and interacting with people. Pretty neat!

  5. You could give to Covenant Kids. They support programs for kids in Colombia, Congo, Sudan, and India. I work at one of the programs, Casa de Paz. They do good work in the lives of these kids!

    They have a blog here:

    And I posted about Casa de Paz on my blog here:

  6. Oh, I missed the Oct. 8 deadline...but I do know a good cause...City of Refuge Ministries. Or, you can save up to come here yourself! haha