Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A few weeks back I announced that I was looking for a new organization for my etsy shop to support.  
I got some wonderful suggestions, and really enjoyed finding out what people are passionate about. 
I even made a new friend, Annie, who is nine months into the process of starting an incredible non-profit called Abundant Harvest.
She's an incredible, strong, visionary woman who is insanely passionate about seeing orphans find families.
Check out their newly launched web site here.

Even though it may or may not be a huge amount of money that will be going to the organization I chose, I really wanted it to be something I had prayed about and felt was where the Lord wanted the money to go. 

Which is why it's been a few weeks with no announcement.  
However, today, I am excited to tell you all that I have found the organization!

Drum roll please......

All profits from etsybybetsy will now be going to The Dave Thomas Foundation!

After watching this video I was sold.
I may have cried.

It's exciting and encouraging to see people making a difference in the lives of orphans in our own country, who may have their physical needs met in foster care, but never are able to have the emotional security of being adopted by a loving family.  

Check out their website here.
They have a lot of cool resources.

Thanks to those of you who commented and emailed with suggestions, I had a blast looking at all the amazing organizations you sent my way!

Keep checking out etsybybetsy for more new products, coming soon!
(Christmas line to be released 11/9/11)


  1. awesome choice! love your own mission, and love this organization's mission.

    i really hope your shop does a even just a little help for His Glory, and their good!

  2. um, amazing. i am excited. i guess it's time to buy some more stuff from your shop...