Friday, December 9, 2011

A Cantina Christmas

This past weekend at the Cantina we threw a little Christmas shindig. 
Inspired by J.Beib's song "mistletoe," of course.
If you haven't heard it, hurry up already!

Naturally we made a video invitation.
Because we're just that dedicated to spreading the Beiber cheer.

We filmed it on a whim right after our house thanksgiving dinner.
And we've probably watched it a million times since.
We're our own biggest fans.
Someone's gotta be.

Please notice the part at approximately 36 seconds where I DON'T fall.
Ya, I know. 

We spent most of Saturday decking our halls. 
And by most of the day, I mean after 2pm, when I woke up after working the night before.

Our party was complete with a hot cocoa bar, a cookie decorating table, s'more station outside by the bonfire, photobooth and Christmas Kareoke.  

And after I burnt the first 2 gallons of milk, the hot cocoa turned out pretty great. 
Although that pot will never be the same.

Unfortunately, my camera was being utilized by the photo booth, so I really wasn't able to take many other pictures. 
But, don't worry, I have 260 photo booth pics for your viewing pleasure. 

since we used the song "mistletoe" for the invitation, we made sure to have plenty of mistletoe on hand (including an awesome mistletoe headband i found in the dollar section at target).
unfortunately (or fortunately?) the only people taking advantage of it were those two crazies on the left up there.
ya, those are my life group leaders.

That's just a little teaser :).
Head over to facebook if you want to see 186 more.

I have to admit I have an obsession with photo booths. 
Especially the one at Musee Mecanique right next to Pier 39 in San Francisco. 
I make sure to take everyone I can to that photo booth.

Speaking of, does anyone have any great ideas for how to display photo strips?
I'm on a quest for a home for the stack of photo booth strips in a basket on my shelf. 
They're so pretty. 

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  1. if it counts, i'm totally a HUGE fan of the cantina. i wish i had made it to this event. ;)

    and freaking emily.