Thursday, January 5, 2012

Craving the Crafty

I went home to San Francisco for Christmas. 
It was wonderful.
And cold. 
And far too short. 

I drove back wednesday night, along with my recently married friends Cari and Jordan. 
Thursday night I began working a string of 4 night shifts in a row. 

I never even unpacked (still haven't actually) - all I did was sleep, eat and work for 4 days. 
So you'd THINK when I was done I'd want to clean and organize my life.
You'd think. 

But Pinterest strikes again. 

This was my to do and errand list for Tuesday. 

On the back were my Michael's, Joanne's and Walmart craft lists. 
I'd gone thru my "just do it {yourself}" board on pinterest and picked out some projects I'd been wanting to try. 
I came home three hours later with the loot.

I was able to complete 4 of the ideas on my list (well, 4 pins, 3 projects... you'll see).
And I also dyed a bunch of old shirts I had for another project I'll finish later.

 I started with making handsoap. 
I know, not that exciting. 
But VERY practical. 

I used a fun scented bar of soap I found at Walmart, and only did a half batch due to my lack of an empty gallon storage container.

It's kind of hard to show you a picture of the finished product, given my soap dispenser is made of wood and distinctly UN-see-through.  
But, trust me, it's very soapy and almost the perfect consistency. 

Next, I got to work making some chalk paint. 

So. Easy. 
My favorite kind of DIY.

I wanted to paint a plaque to put on my door, so I can let my roommates know when I'm sleeping. 
You know, so they don't vacuum at 3pm while I'm trying to catch some shut eye before I go to work.
I saw this idea pinned for the top of a cookie tin and thought it was darling!

So I made my own version.

Third/fourth (third project, fourth pin), and probably my favorite, I decided to take part in the crayon melting pandamonium that has taken over pinterest.
Better late than never, right?

I tried to come up with an original idea. 
And couldn't think of anything. 
So I did a slightly modified rainbow.

The most difficult part was that I had decided I didn't want to glue the crayons to the board I was doing it on. 

This was my ridiculous set up.

I HIGHLY recommend using s defuser if you try this. 
Those crayons splatter all over otherwise, even on low power.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. 

Now I just have to figure out what to do with it.

Oh yes.... and one more pinterest inspired craft from earlier this month.

My parents gave me a sewing machine for Christmas (YESSSSS!!!!). 
I'd brought fabric home, hoping they would get one for me. 
So Christmas night, I used this pin as inspiration: 

to make this scarf:

Kim, Marge and I had an adventure day in Sausalito the day after Christmas, and I wore that newly sewn scarf with pride (did I mention it took about 7 minutes to make???). 

Someone who took these artsy photos may even have gotten a forest green one for Christmas <3.

Welp, I'm exhausted, and you probably are too if you actually go this far in my horrifically long post. 

It's 2am, and I still have a pile of crafts waiting to be done tomorrow, and a whole house to clean while all my housemates are still away! 
This working girl's got some sleep to catch up on!

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  1. Girl. You make me and my PlayDoh look bad. I've been wanting to try that crayon thing but it makes me a little nervous. I'll or sure break or ruin something. But it might be worth it because it's CUTE. Hopefully you are sleeping soon. And have it written in chalk on your door. I LOVE YOU.

  2. wonderful homemade crafts! and i adore sausalito. you fit right in.

  3. I love the collection of crafts and now really want to try them :) might have to start with the soap one

  4. you are a machine.
    can you make the laundry detergent too? i'm pretty close to trying it myself. except i dont have a food processor. although i could grate by hand. i am willing.

    i am most likely just lazy.

    your crayon art turned out CRAZY cool. supppppper melty. very well executed. love the set up.

    and SOMEONE loves her forest green infinity scarf. :) <3