Saturday, February 11, 2012

Insta Friday: How is it February already?

I've been reading friends Insta Friday posts for months.
And every time, I think "man, those iphone camera's are LEGIT!"

I'm waiting for the iPhone 5. 
I know, it's going to be awhile. 
But I figure, why wait till the to share my insta photos, blurry-ness and all?
So bear with my Droid Incredible and I, here we go.

My friend Chelsea celebrated a birthday. 
She has X Box Kinect, which, honestly, I'd never heard of. 
But it's incredible. 
My life will never be the same.

 I start of my nights at work with pockets bulging with saline flushes, alcohol wipes, sissors, carpojex, pens, sharpies and who knows what else.

Long Beach Airport to SFO. 
Jet Blue.

Watching Obama's State of the Union from 30,000 feet?  
Sure, since there's nothing else to do.

I brought home movies for my mom and I to watch while she was in hospital.
Don't worry, I ditched the cases, that would've taken up half my 42.6 lb suitcase.

Speciaty's may be one of the best cafe's on the planet. 
Getting to have lunch there with friend Kim while I was home was such a treat. 
So were the pepproncini's on my sandwich.

Toms has ballet flats? What?

On my way back to my LA home.
At the gate, I opened the gift my mom had given me (I may have jumped the gun - she told me to open it on the plane).

Christian and Reinna's wedding was last Saturday. 
After they ran down the aisle, the whole bridal ran back to the front and did a choreographed dance!
So cute and so unexpected!

They had an incredible dessert set up...

 s'mores to top off the evening...

And CHURROS for their favor!

I do love that the LA smogs gives us such beautiful sunsets

These are our lockers at work. 
Mine is way down at the bottom in the back corner.

73 degrees in february = perfect bike weather

In between night shifts you can find my door looking like this, just a friendly reminder to my housemates  to keep the volume down

Graham crackers and peanut butter - why have i never tried it before?
It's my new favorite work snack.

does insta friday include videos? 
if it doesn't, it should. 
i'm leaving you with a  little nugget from my talented roomies.
i love coming home to this.
sorry it's sideways... but it's really the audio that's important :).

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  1. hot dang your roommates are LEGIT. who is on the drum?
    i love your house.

    also love you biking. can you do more of it please.
    choreographed wedding party, yes please.

    and lunch with you is always my favorite. ALWAYS.