Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cari's Around-the-Clock Bridal Shower

A few weeks ago I hosted a bridal shower for my beautiful friend Cari, who gets married in just TWO WEEKS!  
We've been friends since we were 14. 
I can't believe that was NINE years ago. 
And I can't believe she's getting married.

Kim and I are both in the wedding. 
She's a killer bridesmaid.
I'm working on my MOH (maid of honor) skills. 

She flew in for the shower. 
We <3 John Wayne Airport. 

And I chauffeured, as usual. 
We kind of have a system down. 
Which didn't include Kim's plane coming from Chicago and needing to be deiced OR my car getting it's 4th flat tire of the year. 
But Mable the Sable, my roommate Emily's car, came to the rescue yet again!

Thankfully I had plenty of help to get things ready, since I tend to plan high maintenance events.  
 My housemate Amanda helped frost clock cookies.
My housemates are
You can read our house blog here

Besides running a little late with the food preparation, everything went off without a hitch! 
Since it was an around-the-clock shower, I did breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert foods.  
Emphasis on the desserts, of course. 

 Kim made her baked brie. It's my FAVORITE. 
I made almond cupcakes, noir bars, and whoopie pies for desert. 
The whoopie pies were pretty gross. 
I don't recommend those whoopie pie kits.
Even if they are from World Market, which, in my eyes, can do no wrong.
But the noir bars and almond cupcakes made up for it.

These girls are wonderful friends. 
I love the unspoken understanding that comes with years of friendship. 

A day spent celebrating a dear friend is a day well spent. 


  1. SO SO SOOOOO cute, Boots. Love it. Love you. Love Kim. Love Cari. Can't WAIT for two weeks!!! :) and Kim has taught you well. You are an AWESOME MOH. xxoo

  2. dang we DO have a system.
    which appears to officially include de-icing.
    but not officially flat tires.
    thank goodness.

    let's do this, ONE. MORE. TIME.

    you planned one kick @$$ shower and you are one kick @$$ MOH ;)

    <3 you!

    and can't believe that Cari in her cute little kangol hat is getting married!

  3. well done, you high maintenance party throwing, you!

  4. Awesome shower! love the around the clock theme, definitely not done enough :)

    And hellooo the house has a blog where have I been?!