Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Crafty Halloween

 There once were two girls. 
They were both studying Pre-Nursing. 
They both lived in an all-girls dorm named Alpha Chi. 

Their ridiculous major required them to enroll in a horrible class called Organic and Biochemistry. 
And they became lab partners. 
Who made soap that crumbled like crazy. 

Their names were Tiffany and Betsy.

Fast forward 1 year. 
Tiffany and Betsy move in next door to each other. 
And spend their time doing things like this.

Then Tiffany gets set up on a Gyrad (get your roommate a date) with Jared. 
And they fall in love. 

A year later they have the most beautiful OC wedding.  
I wasn't a believer in the coral/aqua color scheme. 
I was so, so wrong. 

I had the honor of being in this wonderful couple's wedding. 
Seriously an HONOR. 

Fast forward another 2 years. 
To October 31, 2011.
Yup, just 8 days ago.
Tiff and I spend a wonderful Halloween evening together doing something we both love - crafting. 
And eating, of course. 
Those holiday sugar cookies are my favorite. 

We answered the door for the trick or treaters and gave them what candy we hadn't already eaten. 
One little three year old boy was dressed up like Peter Rabbit, and recited some of the book to us! 
It was probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.
I would have taken a picture, except his parents probably would've thought i was a pedophile.

Tiff, you inspire me.
I love you, my sweet friend.


  1. look at you. blogging events only 8 days after they happen, you are getting fancy up in here! woot! :)

    also, i love the story of you and tiff.
    and i love tiff too!

    i forgot to discuss your craft fair with you more. i can't WAIT to hear how that goes
    blog post coming (pre thanksgiving?!?!)

    also, what program are you using for collages here - i know its not picnik....and i'm thinking it might not be picasa either.
    aviary? or CM?


    and show me your crafts!

  2. ALSO i seem to notice a theme of you questioning color choices of your friends.

    i believe you have learned your lesson by now, right? ;)

  3. picasa or die. I don't get much fancier than that :)

    Craft day tomorrow to finish all the products for the holiday fair this weekend! Tiff will be selling since I work fri/sat night :(.

    And yes, i've learned I am NOT a color expert, contrary to my dad calling me "the color queen" all my childhood years :). you and tiff know much better than I :)